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pre-call message to customize your call

Brilliant features

Call different with a pre-call message that the recipient sees before picking up an incoming call.

If you call someone

If somebody calls you

  • Personal touch

    The app enables you to share your state of mind when you call someone. Show the emotive reason or the urgency of your call.

  • A unique phone call

    Join the world’s most advanced application to image your mobile call and be the first to let people know why you’re calling before they pick up the phone.

  • Easy to use

    4 easy steps: Choose a contact. Pick an image or take a picture. Add a cute short message. Start calling.

  • Imaged screen

    A Pressenger call is more personal and refreshingly exciting by underlining the mood of any phone conversation with an imaged message appearing with the incoming call.

  • Surprising incoming call

    Forget boring caller IDs. If you are calling about a special occasion, give it some flair - just use your creativity.The app attaches a funny picture or a selfie and a short message to a call and appears on the receiver’s screen while getting a call.

  • An informative call

    A pre-call message always indicates whether an incoming call is urgent (and you should really answer it) or that returning the call can wait a little longer.

Important to know

Note that the Pressenger Application is not a softphone application,  does not use VOIP calls like Viber or Skype.

The app operates on the GSM network and you are making a normal phone call by using it. This is to make the app more stable.

To use the Pressenger app you will need 3G/4G or WiFi connection.

Both parties need to have Pressenger installed on their devices for the app to work.

The installation process is easy. After you’ve download the app you need to enter your mobile phone number and verify it. Then the app will be synced with your contact list and you can immediately start using it.

Why to use it? More options to enhance your mobil

  • Step up on the new level of mobile calling

    The app is based on your usual call routine complementing it with a useful and funny feature, the pre-call message.

  • 3 alternatives TO PASTE IN AN IMAGE

    Pressenger has templates you can use to send as multimedia messages, but you can also add your own images (from the Gallery). Or you can even take a selfie.

  • Free instant messaging app

    The app is free and provides a unique way of calling someone who has a special part in your life on a special occasion.

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Unique. Simple. Functional.

We all like images, stories and sounds to better connect with each other. Use Pressenger if you’d like to showcase your individuality , if you are looking to impress someone with a unique phone call or simply want to surprise your friends.


Why people like us?

We`ve got your call covered – with an image.

Call different with Pressenger!

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What is Pressenger?

The Pressenger mobile app attaches brilliant functions to smartphone phone calls.

The caller can attach a picture and a short text to a mobile call which attracts more attention from the recipient.

When getting a Pressenger call, on the receiver`s phone this pre-call message appears instead of the worn off caller ID, which can be of private but also of business use.

It can surprise or show priority but in any case underlines the mood of any call.

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