Cutting Edge Visualized Mobile Notification SaaS for APP Owners!

Our solution can provide

  • increase in conversion rate
  • increased user engagement
  • increase in active users
  • more revenue

Our clients are

  • Innovative Android or iOs App owners
  • Sport clubs – Animated goal alerts
  • E-commerce Co’s – Happy hours

Our Partners

  • Push Notification providers
  • Mobile marketing agencies
  • App developers

What we do

Pressenger provides the most innovative, interactive mobile push notification content available, packaged in the most engaging appearance possible.

Our SaaS solution uses GIFs, data-driven animations and banners for an informative and holistic notification experience to boost user engagement and to double conversion rates.

Pressenger Bubble Push Notification are provided in 3 parts

Animated bubble

Bubble is an animation which refers to the content. This can be different for every single message.
It can be generated as data-driven animations and can be sent out completely automatically.


Interstitial is a small (2-3 sec) full screen animation, which is played when the user tap’s on the Bubble, and before the content itself is shown.
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Landing Page

The message content can be a simple image, any web content (i.e: a discounted product, which users can instantly buy on the page), or a deep link which initiates the host application that could contain activation within.

App monetization
with our interactive animated push notifications

It has never been so easy to monetize your app, than with Pressenger’s animated push notification and rich push notification.

Two advertising surfaces available

Interactive, Animated Push Notification

Full Screen Landing Message

Show your sponsor, in your push notifications

Add special promotions for your existing users

Add your sponsor or promotion as a built-in banner
to the top of your landing message or displayed in-app

Why us – The advantages of
interactive animated push notifications

hot new display & method

Use motion image, moving image with call to action instead of emotionless, rigid push-notifications.

Animated push notification

The notification that keeps on notifying (animation interactively changes based on up to the minute data input).

Data-driven push

The only solution that enables your app to send animated, data-driven notifications without any motion design skills.

the most engaging tool

in mobile communication for the app´s industry as it allows apps to market in the most direct and interactive way possible.

much higher conversion rate

Notifications shown ahead of the lock screen – increase mobile conversion rates up to 50% from an industry standard 8.4%.

increase your app revenue

Create unique mobile ad placements (bubble and landing) to monetize your app and to increase ad revenue. 

Clients enjoying
the benefits of Pressenger-powered, animated push notifications

Sport Club

Communication and marketing


Hot deals


Hot deals, notifications


Hot events


Hot promotions


average conversion rate


more income


higher user engagement

“We were very happy to have Pressenger in Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft. They are the kind of innovative tech company that adds value to our centre’s network and initiatives, as well as to the sports industry in general.”

Iris Cordoba Mondejar – General Manager Global Sports Innovation Center by Microsoft

“Pressenger´s animated push notifications allowed the World Football Summit app to highlight the most important moments or messages direct to the attendees´ phones.”

Jan Alessie. Director at World Football Summit & COO at Nexus Fostering Partnership


What’s behind the Bubble?

Animated Notification Bubble’s technology is designed to run alongside existing push campaigns,
and allows our consumers to offer a switch from the usual, uninspiring standard notifications
to deliver exciting, eye catching messages, when they need to see a greater interaction level.

Animated Notification Bubble’s are shown as

overlays on Android
devices from 4.4

rich notifications on iOS
from 10.0. and iPhone 6S

The technology behind Pressenger

The technology behind Pressenger is based on the native push service on iOS, and Firebase Cloud Messaging on Android.

Pressenger Ltd. does not store any data regarding the users, except their registration identifier and push ID. Our customer’s user base is absolutely hidden, and protected from our service.

Already use a push service

If the host application is already using a push service, then this would work in parallel with Pressenger.

Our service collects data only for building statistics, and no data will be disclosed to any 3rd party. The default lifetime of messages are 24 hours.


Data-driven design

  • generated from predefined data
  • alternating data sent out automatically without designer


  • to create message campaigns in a few, simple steps
  • detailed statistic regarding, sent bubble-interstitial-landing


  • to integrate the Pressenger’s features into the customers existing systems

Statistical module

  • detailed analytics around the 3 stages and phone settings (overlays, sent, viewed, opened, discarded, CTR)

About Us

There are many service providers that provide mobile notifications but they share the same what and how.

We, at Pressenger always asked a different question, how do we make it better?
We are minds and makers with business sense and creative chops,
set out to connect brands with people on the device that matters most – the mobile.

Zsolt Szegner


Dr. Henriette Dancs


Esther Soler

Area Manager, Spain

Attila Markus


Zsofia Czupi

Marketing Manager

Rene Rodriguez

 Representative in the US

Mark Szegner


Adam Evans

Head of Sale

Laszlo Fazekas

CTO / Senior Developer

Zsuzsanna Czafit

Area Manager


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