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Take your notifications to the next level!

Pressenger is the most innovative mobile notification technology that lets you send animated notification bubbles directly to your users’ lock screen. Our integrable SDK for Android is not just an engaging communication platform but also a brand new marketing tool that allows you and your partners to discover numerous new business opportunities.

Pressenger is the only mobile notification provider that makes eye-catching animated notifications break through lock-screen (Android)

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"It used to take a whole working day for one of our agents to call up all our students to check who is available to do an urgent, unexpected student work. Now with the help of Pressenger, students can indicate with a click that we can expect them to do the work. It is also convenient for them as they are immediately informed about a new job opportunity and applications are handled way easier with Pressenger.„

Balazs Racz

Balazs Racz

Director of Sales,
Fürge Diák Student Agency

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