PRESSENGER and FITE Add New Life to Consumer App Pushes

Fite Tv banner visulaized notificationPressenger is proud to announce that it is partnering with FITE, the premier global streaming platform for combat sports, on some unique marketing enhancements for the popular brand. The two companies’ cooperation will feature the use of enhanced, push notifications to FITE’s consumers on select events using Pressenger’s revolutionary SaaS solution which uses GIFs, Data-Driven Animations and Banners for the most captivating and engaging mobile notification available.

fite tv vizualized notification

FITE, entering 2020 with a full dance card of MMA, Boxing and Pro Wrestling events, will choose key programming events to deploy these novel mobile app notifications to engage consumers. FITE is starting off a strong quarter on the heels of breaking through to become a Top 8 Grossing Sports App late last year. Celebrating the 4th year of this brand, FITE is always looking to raise the bar of engaging user communication.

“FITE is selling premium entertainment that needs to grab people’s attention,” stated FITE CMO Kim Hurwitz. “Digital SVOD/PPV is a fast-paced transactional business, and these products appeal to a savvy consumer. App push notifications are very important as time spent on mobile devices increases. We need to stand out with these messages in a targeted and entertaining way.”

“We cater to premium clients with a product that lends itself to uniquely engaging their User Base,” says Rene Rodriguez, Pressenger’s Representative. “We view FITE in this elite category and know that we can help enhance this important consumer touchpoint. Pressenger-enhanced push notifications have already significantly increased Opening Rates.”

Both companies have done flights on Android and iOS devices in MMA, Pro Wrestling and Boxing and will be testing other products soon. To download the free FITE mobile app, just click here for: App Store or Google Play.

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About Pressenger
We at Pressenger, developed an innovative SDK/API that allows app Owners to send animated, creative rich, push notifications to their Users. We enable the app Owner to significantly increase engagement. Reliability, speed, security, technical support & custom solutions are as important to our Clients as our platform functionality. Conversion Rates can reach +50%.

About FITE
FITE is the premium digital streaming platform for combat sports featuring over 1,000 premium live events per year. FITE is available globally through its iOS and Android mobile apps, Apple TV, Android TV, ROKU and Amazon Fire TV. In addition, FITE supports Chromecast, PS4, Xbox, and 7,000 models of TV sets, streaming MMA, Pro Wrestling, Boxing, Bare Knuckle and Traditional Martial Arts live events to its 2.4M registered viewers. Available online at Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @FITETV.